Hello! My name is Katie, a born and raised Calgarian. I am a Makeup Artist and have been in the industry officially since September 2013. It had always been a passion and a hobby of mine, and never would I have imagined it would turn into my career. As of that same September, I was hired on with L'Oreal Luxe as a Demo for Yves Saint Laurent, which opened my world to the idea of freelancing on the side. I also have always been the type to lean towards the idea of servicing others, and this was just another way I was able to do so.

Part of the reason for loving this job so much is the reaction that some one has after seeing themselves done up. Its nothing vain, it's a confidence boost for some people, especially when they have forgotten how special they really are. Just knowing I can help any person feel special, stronger, or happier is worth it. I can tell that at the beginning of the appointment, they may be slouched a tiny bit, or talking quietly, but by the end I see them sitting up straight and beaming from the inside out. It truly is a great feeling. Especially when it comes to important days in their life, like a wedding day or graduation, it is important they look and feel their best! To be comfortable with their own beauty, only enhanced by my artistic skill. It is my passion, my joy and my pleasure to help them achieve their look. I want to make my clients shine.