Hey, I'm Katie! Born and raised Calgarian, pictured down below with my 6 year-old daughter Violet! I guess to explain my background as to why I have become a beauty creative is to say it all started with my obsession with flipping though magazines as a little girl. I was always more interested in the adds than the articles, and I would stare for hours wondering how such flawless photo shoots came together. I decided (naively) that the makeup was the most important part of how that image came to be. I wanted to be able to be a part of such amazing talents to achieve that final result. Having been a makeup artist professionally for close to 5 years, I have now expanded my talents into other areas such as hair, microblading, photo-shop and photography. These new additions have become a way to help compliment the end result of the makeup. As I head down this road of trying to achieve the flawless images that I saw as a young girl, I am on a mission to use my talents to always create something beautiful. Thus, naming myself by trade a Beauty Creative.